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Prevent animal cruelty
Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act (PCA Act), 1960

About Puresum

About Puresum

Who We Are

PURESUM INDIA is a newly established non-governmental organization (NGO) dedicated to enhancing the economic potential of cow dung (Gobar) and creating a circular economy that benefits small and marginal farmers across India. Headquartered in Jamshedpur, the organization aims to empower farmers, particularly in rural and tribal areas, through sustainable agricultural practices, renewable energy solutions, and market access.


  • Driven by my father’s vision for empowering farmers, advancing education for all, and advocating against animal cruelty, particularly towards cows and bulls in India. I’m dedicated to continuing his legacy and expanding the reach of PURESUM INDIA Foundation.

  • Create economic infrastructure leveraging my rich global IT experience and technology advancements in agriculture.

  • Empower farmers for sustainable livelihood

What we Do?

We aspire to be India's most trusted and preferred NGO partner, implementing sustainable solutions.

Circular Economy for Gobar

Establishing a circular economy around cow dung (Gobar) to create sustainable and sellable products, improving soil health and agricultural yield.

Renewable Energy Access

Empowering farmers with access to renewable energy sources, such as Bio-CBG and Solar Energy, enabling advanced agricultural practices and increased earning potential.

Transition to Sustainable Agriculture

Facilitating the shift towards natural and organic farming methods, supported by affordable organic fertilizers and sustainable water and soil management practices.

Women Empowerment through Education and Technology

PURESUM INDIA platforms to deliver education, training, and healthcare, powered by renewable energy, to foster community development and sustainability.

Our Impact

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Priya, a young woman from a remote village, joined Puresum Trust’s entrepreneurship program. With the skills she gained, she started her own small business making and selling handmade crafts. Today, she not only supports her family but also employs other…..

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In the heart of Mumbai, Raju, a dedicated fruit seller, ran a small stall inherited from his father. His commitment to quality and integrity attracted young Arjun, who found inspiration in Raju’s hard work. Over the years, Arjun grew into a successful businessman…..

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In the bustling lanes of Old Delhi, there was a humble tailor named Ravi. With his nimble fingers and keen eye for detail, he transformed simple pieces of cloth into exquisite garments. One day, a young girl named Meera approached Ravi with a request…..

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Rahul, a young boy from a low-income family, received educational support from Puresum Trust. With access to quality education and mentorship, Rahul excelled in his studies and secured admission to a prestigious university…..

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