Here are some key steps to make renewable energy sources like Bio-CBG (compressed biogas) and solar energy more accessible to marginal farmers in India:


Subsidies and Loan Programs

Provide government subsidies or low-interest loan programs to help marginal farmers set up small-scale biogas plants. This could be targeted towards groups of farmers forming Self Help Groups (SHGs) to share the investment and benefits.

Create Collection Network

Establish a network of collection centers in villages or through Self Help Groups (SHGs) to aggregate gobar efficiently. Mobile collection units could reach remote areas.

Focus on Community Biogas Plants

Promote the establishment of community biogas plants where multiple farmers can contribute gobar and share the biogas output for cooking fuel or conversion to electricity.

Develop Collection Network

Establish a network for collecting gobar from marginal farmers. This could involve mobile collection units or designated collection points in villages.

Solar Energy

Subsidized Solar Kits

Introduce government programs that provide subsidized solar power kits to marginal farmers. These kits could include solar panels, batteries, and lights for basic electricity needs.

Micro-Grid Solutions

Explore the development of micro-grids powered by solar energy in rural areas. This would provide multiple households with access to electricity for lighting, irrigation, and other uses.

Financial Instruments

Develop innovative financial instruments like pay-as-you-go models or leasing options to make solar technology more affordable for marginal farmers.

Repair and Maintenance Support

Provide training and support for repair and maintenance of solar equipment in rural areas. This ensures long-term functionality and reduces dependence on external technicians.

General Strategies

Skill Development Programs

Impart training on operating and maintaining Bio-CBG plants and solar equipment to marginal farmers. This empowers them to manage the systems themselves and creates local employment opportunities.

Women in Renewable Energy

Encourage women's participation in installing, operating, and maintaining renewable energy systems through targeted training programs.

Integration with Existing Schemes

Integrate renewable energy access programs with existing government schemes focused on rural development and agriculture to leverage existing infrastructure and reach.

By implementing these steps, India can bridge the gap and empower marginal farmers to access the benefits of clean and sustainable energy sources like Bio-CBG and solar power. This can improve their livelihoods, reduce energy poverty, and promote environmental sustainability.

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