Drive - Animal Welfare and Sustainability

Prevent animal cruelty

Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act (PCA Act), 1960

Cattles, specifically Bulls are deliberately placed in a terrifying situation-
 Use of Mercury, Acid, Red Chilli Powder, Socket Bomb on cattles
Heart-wrenching conditions deprived of food for months, beaten and bruised
Suffers from severe health problems, may spread diseases
Traumatized and shocked – Afraid of humans, unable to Moo or make sound

To prevent waste of resources for renewal energy – Cow dung, Solar
Contribute towards a greener and healthy Earth
Uplift marginal and less privileged-
Empower marginal/tribal farmers- Assess the need and evaluate the problems, challenges to identify and facilitate innovative solutions
To setup entrepreneurship development program for women
Bring Agri-tech advancements, startups, government schemes and policies on the ground to establish sustainable livelihood- Through multi-partner collaborations, including awareness, training, and distribution networks
Reduce carbon foot print – Promote sustainable agriculture farming practices without the use of chemicals, soil management, water harvesting and waste management
Establish technology driven social impact measurement (ESG) and governance- Tracking, measuring, and evaluating solution impact on marginal farmers and tribal communities. PURESUM INDIA is intended to use and tracks diverse metrics, including economic, social, and environmental to continuously improve and ensure focus on measurable outcomes.

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